Monitoring your fitness for this Trek

After your register you will have to download and install a Fitness Tracker like Strava or NIke Run on your cellphone.

You will be required to send screenshots of your fitness record periodically. 

Your target is to consistently jog 5 km in 32 minutes.

> If you are starting your fitness journey, start slow. Initially aim to cover 5 km in 38 minutes. This could be 45-30 days before your trek. Gradually increase your pace while running 4 times a week to reach your target to cover 5 km in 32 mins. You should be able to achieve this pace consistently for 5 days.

To build your endurance, jog 25 km in a week and 100 km in a month before you begin your trek. A screenshot of your weekly/monthly summary will reflect the endurance and consistency of your workout.

If you are 45 years or above, try to cover 5 km in 40 minutes, 25 km in a week, and 100 km in a month.