Hampta Pass Trek Packing list

List of items specifically listed by the Trek Organiser for this Trek

Quick Checklist

1.    Trekking boots
2.    Backpack with Rain cover 40-60 ltr
3.    Offloading bag (either a travel bag/duffel bag or backpack) – No suitcase/Trolley bags – 5kg loaded weight
4.    Trekking pole

What goes in your BACKPACK
1.    2nos. Water bottles preferably Aluminium.
2.    Snacks for the day
3.    Fleece sleeveless sweater
4.    Rain Jacket
5.    Camera (optional)
6.    Sunglasses with UV protection
7.    Rain Pant
8.    Box for Packed lunch
9.    Cap /Hat -1 (Day use)
10.    Sunscreen lotion / Moisturizer
11.    Waterproof Gloves
12.    ½  or ¾  litre Bottle – for Juice/Tang mix
13.    LED Headlamp
14.    Scarf /Balaclava
15.    ID Card /ID Proof

What goes into your Offloading Bag  (max 5 kg)
1.    Sandals or slippers for campsite use – 1
2.    Monkey cap (night use) - 1
3.    Toilet paper roll – 1 / Wet tissues -1
4.    Boroline / lip balm - 1
5.    Mini Toilet kit -Toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, sanitizer, comb, wet tissues
6.    Light/Thin big Towel – 1
7.    T-shirts – 2 (another you wear)
8.    Track suit bottoms – 2 (another you wear)
9.    Thermal wear top + bottom – 1 set
10.    Full sleeve Sweater – 1
11.    Down Jacket - 1
12.    Fleece pants (optional)
13.    Thick Trekking/Sports Socks-2,Woolen socks- 1
14.    Innerwear-4
15.    Small multipurpose Lunch box (plate / bowl / spoon)
16.    Cup for Coffee/Tea
17.    Insulated gloves - 1
18.    7 small sachets of  Dry fruits & Nuts  / Chocolates (the rest of your cache)
19.    Tang packet 500gms
20.    Personal Medicine kit  incl Diamox Tabs (IMPORTANT & COMPULSORY)
21.    LED Torchlight  / spare batteries
22.    Hand sanitiser

More information of the above list:
•    Trekking boots are a must, especially ones with ankle support. Do not opt for sports shoes
•    Your backpack must have a rain cover. If it does not, you can buy extra rain cover.
•    Cotton t-shirts and pants have given way to polyester/nylon T-shirts and pants. Most sportswear brands and Trekking clothes brands will have it. Its light weight and  dries faster
•    Wear your thermals only at night and do not trek in them
•    Sunglasses should be 100% UV resistant. There could be snow on Hampta Pass, and you would need it to protect yourself from snow blindness.
•    Keeping  your head covered at all times – Sun cap in the day and Balaclava in the evenings.
•    Synthetic hand gloves: Avoid woollen gloves as they will get wet if you touch snow. You can add a fleece glove as an inner layer, and wear two gloves on each hand if you’re more susceptible to cold.
•    If you use wet wipes make sure you bring them back with you. The same holds for used sanitary napkins. Carry a zip lock bag to put used wet tissues and napkins. Bring this ziplock bag back with you to the city and do not dispose wet tissues and sanitary napkins in the mountains. These items are not biodegradable
•    Carry a spoon, coffee mug and a lunch box. You will have to wash it yourself
Mandatory Personal Medical Kit
Diamox – 1 Strip
Crocin- 10 tablets
Avomine (optional, in case of motion sickness)- 1 Strip
Combiflam- Half Strip
Muscle relaxant – Half Strip
Digene- Half Strip
Avil- 1 strip
ORS- 6 packs
Knee Cap (If you are prone to knee injury)