Gear up for Sharavati Valley Trek



Essential Backpack Checklist:

  • Day-trip backpack


  • Sunglasses

  • Insect repellent cream

    Water bottles – 3 liters of which 1 liter could be a juice

  • Optional snacks - chocolate bar / mixed dry fruit&nuts

  • Light Rain Jacket or Plastic Poncho

  • Dress – T.shirt/Track suit - In forest colors only

    Trekking shoes

  • LED Headlight & Torch Light

  • 2 set of change of clothes


    Tiffin box

    Coffee cup


    Light Bedsheet / Air Pillow / Sleeping Bag (optional)

    Sweater / Jacket

    Basic Toilet kit

    Toilet Tissue Paper

    Hand Sanitiser



    Extra set of clothes for bathing in the waterfalls

There are only 2 toilets and so please be prepared to go outdoors. 
In the Tribal Village house Jute floor mats will be provided.


Please do not use any deo / perfume / creams etc since wild animals are very sensitive to them

Also wear Forest colors/camouflage.

Some tips on the trek

  • Do not throw away any plastic bags/wrappers and litter. Whatever litter you have should be retained by you, and brought back for disposal.

  • Don’t carry too much snacks. Carry only for you and not for distribution to everyone

  • No smoking or drinking before/during/ or till we reach back trichy.

  • Avoid non-veg foods

  • Its not a running race, so everybody goes in a group and paced to accommodate the slower guys.

  • No exploration or trying out new routes. Follow the Group leader or guide

  • Avoid talking and making noises. Let everybody enjoy nature in peace, and listen to the sounds of nature.

  • Avoid using cell phones, we can live without it for 1 day.

  • Trekking just like any Sport is not without its hazards. Every person comes at his own will and risk. Follow safety instructions of the Group leader. Carelessness, stupidity and bravado can endanger you and others.