event date details

From 24-01-2024 To 27-10-2023

Trek Place : Baikunthpur Road Railway Station

No. Of Particpants : 22

Event Co-ordinator

Name : Anitha Ramesh

Email : thetrichytrekkers@gmail.com

Mobile : 8220121025

Chhattisgarh Jungle Trek

Lying in the heart of the Guru Ghasidas National Park, this is a unique and exotic trek. Walk through the dense forests of the Chota Nagpur plateau. Rock formations within the forests are strange, almost like volcanic bubbles erupting from the surface, yet frozen for millions of years. Hidden within these forests are ancient, pre-historic caves. Cave paintings here are easily ten to fifteen thousand years old. The outside world does not know of their existence. The cave paintings tell stories of men, women, animals, and communities. These ancient cave paintings evoke a profound sense of awe, like peering through a window into the distant past.

The trek continues with a walk on the Gopat River as it meanders through the forests and finally emerges out of them. This trek will give you plenty of once-in-a-lifetime moments.�

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