event date details

From 29-07-2021 To 04-08-2021

Trek Place : Basecamp @ Manali

No. Of Particpants : 27

Event Co-ordinator

Name : Ramesh Kamak

Email : thetrichytrekkers@gmail.com

Mobile : 9944463331

Himalayas Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund has always been a famous trek around Manali.  After all, it takes you right to the source of the river that flows through the town. But one of the reasons trekkers love this trek is the setting. Picture this: Lush green grasslands flourish below the summits of the three biggest mountains around Manali. And hidden in these grasslands is the emerald lake out of which the river Beas emerges. The contrasting sight of this serene water body nestled in between jagged mountain peaks of Pir Panjal range adds to the beauty of his setting.

Standing here, there is also a keen sense of being near the source of the raging river you see in the valley below. This emerald kund branches off into streams, tumbling waterfalls right until it converges into the boiling Beas river. As is the case with every river that feeds a civilisation or settlements surrounding it, the Beas Kund is also associated with legend. It is believed that Rishi Vyas, who wrote the Mahabharata took his daily bath in this lake. It’s possible that the term Beas Kund has been derived from Vyas, the sage; and Kund, a lake.

This combination of big snowy summits towering above you, the greenery of the grasslands and the lake draws everyone to this trek.   While this trek can be done by beginners, we would advise preparation. The climb from around 8000 ft in the beginning of the trek to over 12,000 ft is no mean feat.

Trek duration :  4 days

Region: Kullu - Manali
Grade: Easy/Moderate

Weather in April-June: Cool with occasional rain. Snow at high altitudes likely.
Maximum altitude: 12772 feet 

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