event date details

From 24-06-2018 To 24-06-2018

Trek Place : Piranmalai

No. Of Particpants : 60

Event Co-ordinator

Name : Ramesh Kamak

Email : thetrichytrekkers@gmail.com

Mobile : 9944463331



Hi Trekkers,

After a long gap we are re-starting Treks. For the time being treks in Forest areas under Tamilnadu Forest Department is not being taken up. Piranmalai is a very interesting place. Its just an hour or so from Trichy near Thuvarankurichi.  Its height is 2700 feet and so would make you sweat it out to the top. On the top its got a variety of surprises. There is an ancient fort, even a Iron Cannon dating to early British period (how it got there is a mystery). There is a Muslim Dargah of Waliullah Sheikh Abdullah Shaheb carved out of the rock, there is also a tiny Lord Muruga Temple next to it.  The rock of Piranmalai itself is said to be a block of Mount Meru which got blown off during a fierce tussle between the serpent king Aadhiseshan and the wind God Vaayu. The route has rough steps for about 40% of the distance, and also is semi-covered with trees. After that the barren rock face starts and you see very strange rock formations and rare flowering plants and insects. From the top you get an imposing view of the landscape as this was an old fort of King Paari Vallal about 2000 years back. 

Since this is a Food Trek, Lunch will be Non-veg biryani

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