They are the indispensable part of a mountaineering team. Their legendary strengths, their positive attitudes, and their ever cheerful smiles have endeared them to every mountaineer who has scaled the mighty Himalayan peaks.

They worship the mountains as divine. And resist any moves to pollute the environs of the Himalayas.

The success of mountaineering in the Himalayas can be attributed to them. In fact, most of the significantly successful mountaineering expeditions owe a great deal of their accomplishment to the Sherpas.

For the members of the Science and Adventure Club, the Sherpas have been a blessing in disguise. From the maiden expedition to Khauli Pass in the Himachal stretch of the Himalayas in 2001 to the 2008 Bandar Poonch expedition, they have been the most vital and enduring component of the team.

They are the walking encyclopedias of the entire Himalayan range. And they possess a Himalayan strength and a Himalayan memory.

They familiarity with each and every peak, and the trekking routes is indispensable and vital to the success of the expedition.

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The rugged terrains of the vast Himalayan landscape can confuse even the most experienced of mountaineers. And make them lose their way. But not the Sherpas. Even through the darkness of the evenings, they can guide you by sheer intuition.

Their cheerful looks, their friendly nature and their helping hands makes one forget the tediousness of the journey. They just help to enliven the adventure.

They are astute and experienced at everything - from moving equipments, to helping team members along steep terrains, to even cooking delectable dishes.

Our expeditions have always been steeped in the memories of these legendary children of the Himalayas. And their faith and devotion to the mountains is even more memorable than our experiences and adventures.

Friends to the mountains, Philosophical in their faith to the mountains, and Guides to every mountaineer, the Sherpa is an inseparable element of the Himalayas.

He is the most vital ingredient, who makes the trekking recipe delicious and delectable.