event date details

From 23-09-2021 To 05-10-2021

Trek Place : Basecamp @ Manali

No. Of Particpants : 24

Event Co-ordinator

Name : Ramesh Kamak

Email : thetrichytrekkers@gmail.com

Mobile : 9944463331

Himalayas-Zanskar Expedition

In this epic journey, we will be covering many beautiful valleys in the higher Himalayas of India, namely, Ladakh valley, Suru Valley, Lahaul Valley and Zanskar Valley. Zanskar valley will be our main focus and it will be the valley we will spend the most time in.

The very name of Zanskar Valley creates in mind an image of a mysterious land far away; a place hidden far up in the hills where not many have been; an enchanting land where time stands still and everything is beautiful beyond imagination. This is indeed a correct image as Zanskar is one of those very few places of our country that are not yet affected by the tourist influx. Lush green of the hills of Suru, barren brown of a cold desert, gracious white of mighty glaciers, the deep blue of the lakes, the calming yet noisy flow of the rivers, majestic peaks all around; and warm hospitality of its people; this is what Zanskar has to offer. Zanskar lies in the Ladakh region and covers an area of some 7,000 square kilometers (2,700 sq mi), at an elevation of 3,500-7,000 meters. 

Who is Coming